Choosing the right paint color can be daunting. There are countless numbers of colors and finishes that look one way on a small paint card and completely different covering an entire room. The direction the windows face and the color of your floor can also drastically affect how the color presents itself throughout the day. Finally, even if you know the exact color you would like, finding a painting professional that is efficient and reliable can present a whole new challenge. After experiencing these issues myself, I am excited to offer color consultation and interior painting services in the Portland, Ore. area.

Here’s how it works:

Contact me with some general information about your paint needs. After I gather some details from you via email or phone, we will meet at your home one or two times to try out some samples in different parts of your room/s until we find the perfect color/s to go with your decor. I provide painting services by myself and my team for an additional cost, or else you may opt just for the consultation. Below you can find some Before and Afters of some past painting projects.

From Beige to Brilliant

two true blues

open concept color